Landscape Company Servicing Pelham NH

Landscape Company Pelham NH

If you search for Landscape Company Pelham NH, you will find Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping, a local landscaping contractor servicing Pelham NH and the surrounding towns.

For over 30 years, Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping has been providing full-service year-round landscaping services to commercial and residential clients.

Reliable Landscape Company in Pelham NH

As a leading landscape company servicing Pelham NH, we specialize in landscape maintenance, installation and construction services. Our professionals are well equipped to handle any landscape project that you desire. Our professionally trained, dependable landscaping team provides top-quality work with attention to detail and exceptional customer service. We care about building long-lasting customer relationships and will work with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

When you hire us at Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping, you are getting a top-rated landscape company in Pelham NH to service your property year-round. We aim to fit your vision of your ideal property. We offer flexible scheduling including weekly, biweekly, or as needed landscaping maintenance packages to meet you and your property’s needs. Our experts are well equipped to provide and maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape for you to enjoy.

Top Landscape Services in Pelham NH

At Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping, our experts offer a wide range of landscaping services including:

  • New Lawn Installation
    • Looking for a new lush green lawn? Or does your yard desire a more instant lawn? Whichever direction you go in for your new lawn installation, Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping has you covered. Our professionals can install real green lawns, hydroseeded lawns or sodded and seeded lawns to provide you with whichever lawn you desire.
  • Lawn Care Services
    • Our professionals will provide you with lawn care services such as spring and fall clean ups to ensure your residential or commercial property stays beautiful and healthy. Get branches, leaves or other substances off your lawn and let us keep it well maintained.
  • Mulching and Planting
    • Our experts are able to provide you mulching and edging services in order to keep your new landscape and your flower beds or garden safe from unwanted debris. We will also plant and add shrubs to your yard  to add value and curb appeal and compliment the rest of your property.
  • Irrigation Systems
    • Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping installs, repairs, and maintains top-quality residential and commercial irrigation systems to ensure that your landscape stays healthy and beautiful. Irrigation systems allow lawns to grow better and faster and prevent excess watering with rain sensors that turn the system off when there is adequate moisture in the grass and zones that use less water in shady areas.

Contact Dube Property maintenance & Hardscaping Today

if you are interested in increasing your properties value and curb appeal with a professional landscaping project, contact a top-rated landscape company in Pelham NH today. For more information about Dube Property maintenance & Hardscaping, contact our experts today by calling us at 978-689-0612 or request an estimate online.

Landscape Company Pelham NH

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