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Irrigation System Installations 

Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping installs, repairs, and maintains top-quality residential and commercial irrigation systems to ensure that your landscape stays healthy and beautiful. Irrigation systems allow lawns to grow better and faster and prevent excess watering with rain sensors that turn the system off when there is adequate moisture in the grass and zones that use less water in shady areas.

Our dependable, trained professionals use the latest equipment to install our irrigation systems and we offer a parts and labor guarantee against faulty components or workmanship. We build long-lasting customer relationships through excellent service.

Contact us today to learn about installation of a new irrigation system, repairing an existing irrigation system, or preparing your irrigation system for winter.


Adding a pond to your yard or property creates a unique and striking feature. Ponds with running water attract birds, frogs, butterflies and crickets but not mosquitos. We’ll work with you on the design, shape, and depth and construct a pond using a flexible pond liner positioned with the right amount of direct sun and shade. Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping can create a pond that will take your space from plain to extraordinary and with the proper planning, we can help make it almost maintenance-free.


Building a backyard waterfall does a lot of things for your yard: creates a beautiful focal point; enhances the backdrop of your outdoor entertaining space; and provides a serene and relaxing spot. Dube Property Maintenance & Hardscaping will design and build a waterfall that will fit naturally with your landscape and create the atmosphere that you’re looking for. We’ll help you select the right materials and use top of the line pumps and piping to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful waterfall.

Our Landscaping & Property Maintenance Services Include

Lawn Installation • Sodding & Seeding • Hydroseeding • Spring and Fall Cleanups • Mulching and Edging • Shrubs and Plantings • Lawn Care Services • Lawn Sprinkler Systems • Landscape Lighting

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